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why are people so damn negative!
I needed to start this journal today especially because I had just woke up to get ready and go to starbucks to get a latte , wake up for the day and browse the net...

right as i start applying my lip gloss I hear some evil creature lurking up the stairs ......

" take down that fucking Christmas tree RIGHT FUCKING NOW"

grant it, it is january 9th! It should already be down but golly miss molly is that all really necessary?

Let me give you my living my household there is my mother who is wonderful but also wonderfully crazy and she married my step dad who is just macho , negative, insane, has serious anger management/ control issues,  and my boyfriend who is wonderful and the only person to keep me sane in my entire household! oh and my dog Benny! who is cute as a button but a little devil.

but my stepdad aka evil creature is far most the biggest draining of energy. You know that person that could walk into a room and automatically make everyone feel like shit ? thats him! Even if you have nothing to do with what he's upset about that day he will find something to be mad at you for.

with this economy it has been so hard for me and my boyfriend to move out we originally moved in together so we could save money but everytime we start saving my parents find something new to tax us for 150 here 300 there..... ugh. I just cant take it anymore i want to only put up with my boyfriends shit and my dogs im tooooo damn old to be dealing with this shit.

but im staying positive we have over a thousand now so its only up hill from here!

so my question to you all is this: do you have anyone who is constantly putting all there negative energy or taking out all there frustrations on you? if so how do they do it ? how do you deal with it?

also whats your favorite positive affirmation? :) im a dork

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