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Brand New Day
Yes! me and the boyfriend officially have 1300 saved in the savings its not much but its something! were mooooooving :)

I am currently on the hunt for a serving position but they all want experience! I need to get out of retail (since im not a manager i dont get any hours or make decent paychecks) I need to find a new trade so i can make good paying checks to become more independent and be able to support myself all through out school. I'm thinking something with tips bartender, cocktail waitress, food server .....

I feel if I remain positive the universe will bring this into my experience!

Vent of the day: Im tired of all this obama bashing, we knew he lacked experience when we put him into office but we were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and now it seems like everyone is jumping on the anti-obama wagon. Now i understand , if you were never a supporter in the first place. That was me in 2004 when bush got re-elected to office, I never supported him being in office and it wasnt going to change after the election... but to all the supporters that actually voted to put obama in office....really? When the going gets rough our president needs our support more than ever..I'm not saying agree with everything that comes out of his mouth just put a little hope and faith that things are going to get better and they will. Sometimes I think the American people are happy being miserable cause they keep resisting change. And for those of you who know anything about politics it really starts by who you elect in your city and state first.. those people have a greater impact on your personal life experience.

ooooooh the controversy ;)


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